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Brochure MMC400 (462.24 KB) Operationsmanual (1.38 MB)

The lifetime assurance for your pumps!

External electronic performance monitoring for electromotive drive units.

Reliable protection for:

  • Process pumps
  • Machine tools
  • Lifting units
  • Conveyer belts
  • Agitators

MMC detects the current drawn (I), the supply Voltage (U) and the phase angle (cos φ) of the drive motor under operating conditions. Through compensation adjustment of the internal resistance of the motor windings (Ri) the actual power output of the control motor to the machine/unit is selected. Operating parameters of min. and max. power output can be exactly adjusted and pre-selected. If the pre-set values are over or under attained, the machine is switched off immediately. Analog signals are transferred to the analog output and can be utilized as control signals.


  • Compact construction design according to DIN and EN
  • Galvanic separation of line- and supply voltages
  • 20 load current ranges up to 10 A for optimal adjustment to the load current
  • Available selections:
    • Start-up and reaction time delays (set points)
    • Minimum- and Maximum monitoring (digital settings)
    • Two independent maximum set points can be selected
  • Functions and operating modes of relays can be adjusted and set with Dip-switches
  • Time range delays can be set with Dip-switches
  • Two potential relay outputs, failure LED´s
  • Adjustment of operating delay, start-up bridging, compensation - motor
  • Analog output 0 – 10 V DC
  • Supply voltages:
    • 12, 24, 42, 48, 110, 127, 230, 400, 440, 500V AC, 24V DC

The MMC protects against damages resulting from operational failures or errors by precise monitoring of both overload and underload conditions:

  • Dry running, cavitation and blockage monitoring of displacement- and centrifugal pumps
  • External power monitoring in hazardous and explosive environments
  • Blockage and dry running protection for worm conveyers
  • Monitoring of belt conveyers and filling machines
  • Overload monitoring of cranes, lifts and lifting equipment