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Gear Pump for Heavy Corrosive Liquids in the Battery Recycling Industry

Lithium-ion battery recycling plant, battery recycling

TEF-MAG® - chemical-resistant gear pumps made entirely of non-metallic materials for battery recycling plant in Schwarzheide

A globally leading chemical company based in Ludwigshafen am Rhein is currently building a large-scale battery recycling plant in Schwarzheide near Berlin, which aims to bring an annual processing capacity of around 15,000 tonns of electric car batteries back into the value cycle. MARCH PUMPEN supports the ambitious project by supplying the patented, chemically resistant and magnetically coupled gear pumps made of completely non-metallic materials of the TEF-MAG® series, for dosing various acids and other highly corrosive liquids.

In the process itself, the batteries are first treated mechanically to obtain the so-called "black mass", which consists of valuable raw materials such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese. The black mass is then further processed hydrometallurgically through strong acids and other aggressive liquids. The metals are dissolved and separated in a special process.

In this process, small volumes of corrosive process liquids of 5-1500 l/h must be dosed with low pulsation at differential pressures of 5 bar or more. The patented TEF-MAG® gear pump from MARCH PUMPEN combines good dosing ability of rotary displacement pumps, chemical resistance through the use of completely non-metallic materials, as well as leak-free technology by the use of a magnetic coupling.

MARCH PUMPEN not only focuses on the chemical resistance of the parts in contact with the media, but also on components exposed to the chemically aggressive atmosphere, which are specially selected or treated. The pump housing is made of high-quality EN-GJS-400-15 and completely wet painted according to corrosion protection class C5 high. The drive motors are also specially designed for the harsh environment. A variety of options, such as the VIK design, special wet paintings, screws, shafts, and nameplates made of stainless steel or even coating and treating the winding packages or the inner housing, is possible for this purpose.

Used pump types

TEF-MAG 201 and TEF-MAG 1501

HousingPVC and PVDF
BearingsPTFEC and Graphite
O-RingsFKM and FFKM

Fluids to be handled

Li2SO4Lithium Sulfate 
H2SO4Sulfuric Acid 
 Escaid 110Hydrocarbon Fluid
 Cyanex® 936PCYANEX® 936P is a phosphorus-based extractant specifically formulated for lithium and can be applied to salar brines after removal of Mg2+ and Ca2+ via filtration or precipitation, or to recover Li from spent solutions from the conventional process.
 Cyanex® 272CYANEX® 272 is a dialkyl phosphinic acid extractant widely used for the separation of cobalt from nickel to produce high purity cobalt salts and cobalt metal. Since the active component of CYANEX® 272 extractant is a phosphinic acid, metals are extracted through a cation exchange mechanism. Although CYANEX® 272 extractant is selective for cobalt in the presence of nickel, a variety of other cations can also be extracted depending on the solution pH. CYANEX® 272 extractant is totally miscible with common aromatic and aliphatic diluents, and is extremely stable to both heat and hydrolysis.
 Organic crud 
 DEHPA, Bis(2-ethylhexyl)hydrogenphosphatPhosphorsäurebis(2-ethylhexyl)ester, HDEHP, Bis(2-ethylhexyl)phosphorsäure, Di(2- ethylhexyl)phosphorsäure
 LiX 984N 
 Versatic10VersaticTM Acid 10 is a synthetic, highly branched-C10 tertiary carboxylic acid. Versatic Acid 10 is also known as neodecanoic acid
 Acidic solutions of base metals sulfates 

*Cyanex® is a registered Trademark of Solvay Chemicals
*Escaid is a TradeMark of ExxonMobil
*LIX® is a registered Trademark of BASF


TEF-MAG 201 pump head
TEF-MAG 201 on a pallet


TEF-MAG 201 in a plant