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Hot Water and High Pressure Pumps

High Pressure Circulation Pump for Hot Water

MCA HT-HP - Corrosion-Resistant and Magnetically Coupled Chemical Standard Pumps for High Pressure and High Temperature Applications in Process Design

The MCA HT-HP series by MARCH PUMPEN offers corrosion-resistant magnetically-coupled chemical standard pumps for high-pressure and high-temperature applications in process design. These pumps have been specifically developed for use in gas turbine power plants and are installed in retrofitting as well as new projects to support the gas turbine system. The pumps must withstand high temperatures and pressures while ensuring high operational safety and extended service life.

Gas turbine systems require recirculation pumps to control the mass flow through the preheater under various load conditions and limit temperature gradients. These centrifugal pumps need to handle water at temperatures of up to 320°C and system pressures of up to 210 bar.
To meet these demanding requirements, MARCH PUMPEN has designed the casings of the leakage-free, magnetically-coupled chemical standard pumps from the MCA series in a special configuration for high PN pressure ratings and operating temperatures. This version has been specifically customized to the needs of Siemens Energy to ensure maximum operational safety. The hydraulic performance data of the pump has been carefully analyzed and adjusted accordingly to meet the specific requirements of this application. Pressure-bearing components such as the casing and containment shell have been precisely engineered and optimized using FEM simulation. The pump casing is made of solid super duplex steel, while the containment shell is machined from solid grade 5 titanium to withstand high pressure and temperature demands. Special sliding bearings made of SSiC and magnet rotors made of CoSm, suitable for high temperatures, complement the comprehensive customer-specific design.

During the first three years of collaboration, 25 of these customized pumps have already been successfully delivered and installed worldwide in various countries including Argentina, Iraq, the Dominican Republic, China, Taiwan, Brazil, South Korea, the Philippines, Italy, and Hong Kong. The end operators of gas turbine power plants are fully satisfied with the performance and reliability of these pumps.


High Pressure Centrifugal Pump Skid
Picture: High Pressure Centrifugal Pump Skid Mounted
FEM Analysis of the Pump Casing
Picture: FEM Analysis of the Pump Casing