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Wastewater & Slurry Pumps

Wastewater & Slurry Pumps


Dry self-priming
Safe to run dry
Solids up to 100 mm
Sludge contents up to 95-vol %
Suitable for pumping bentonite

Stationary, mobile frame, trailer or sled frame
Soundproof housing
Environmentally friendly

Established over 65 years ago, Selwood is one of UK´s largest privately owned construction equipment rental companies.

SELWOOD is not only the leading pump supplier in the Uk, but also the leading supplier of construction equipment and accessories on the South Coast. Selwood has been designing and manufacturing mobile pumps for over 50 years, becoming the UK market leader in this sector. Selwood Pumps success is based on continuous growth, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Since its beginning in 1955, the company has consistently focused on expanding into new markets both domestically and internationally. Currently 70 % of pump production is for a worldwide dealer network. Selwood´s original pump design, and internationally known terms such as "Simplite", "Spate" and "Seltorque" have quickly established themselves as the market standard in the construction industry. Continuous developments of these designs are an important part within these ranges of vacuum assisted pumps. Today, Selwood covers a wide range of applications in many industrial sectors, construction, marine, environmental and flood control, mining and wastewater treatment. This wide range requires a wide selection of materials to pump mediums containing solids, suspensions suchs as bentonite, slurries and oily mediums.

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SELWOOD Wastewater & Slurry Pumps

Flow rate:

max. 1100 m³/h
Discharge head:max. 158 m
Solids:max. 100 mm
Suction head:max. 8,8 m
Drive:Electric motors, Cumbustion engines, Hydraulic motors
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