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Interview with Thomas Wollmann, owner and managing director

Diverse range of pumps

Where do you see the strengths of MARCH PUMPEN as one of the leading manufacturers of leak-free pump technology?

Thomas Wollmann: Over the last 40 years, MARCH Pumpen has established itself as a manufacturer of magnetic drive pumps, even for "niche applications". In particular, this includes pumps that can safely pump small quantities of the most aggressive chemicals and explosive media under high pressure without pulsation. We also manufacture magnetically driven special centrifugal pumps for power plant technology for one of the world's leading listed manufacturers of gas-fired power plants, which can withstand system pressures of up to 270 bar at temperatures of up to 315 °C. A diverse range from medical technology to large-scale industr

What unique selling points would you particularly emphasize for MARCH PUMPEN?

Thomas Wollmann: MARCH PUMPEN is the only manufacturer in the world that produces metal-free magnet-driven gear pumps from solid plastics such as PEEK or PVDF, which are suitable for use with the most aggressive media. Pumps from the TEF-MAG® and VANE-MAG® rotary vane pump series are patented in the USA and throughout Europe. Furthermore, each of our pumps is manufactured and, if necessary, developed specifically for the respective application.

What business developments are important for you in the near future?

Thomas Wollmann: Due to our US patents, we will be concentrating on the US market in the near future, but we are also focusing on Asia. We are also continuing to expand our manufacturing program so that we can continue to offer a leak-free pump solution for almost any industrial application in the future.

Thomas Wollmann

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