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Interview with Thomas Wollmann, owner and managing director

Diverse range of pumps

Read here the interview with Thomas Wollmann in the magazine "Best Brands of Process Industry" about the strengths and special features of MARCH PUMPEN.

Where do you see the strengths of MARCH PUMPEN as one of the leading manufacturers of leak-free pump technology?

Thomas Wollmann: Over the last 40 years, MARCH Pumpen has established itself as a manufacturer of magnetic drive pumps, even for "niche applications". In particular, this includes pumps that can safely pump small quantities of the most aggressive chemicals and explosive media under high pressure without pulsation. We also manufacture magnetically driven special centrifugal pumps for power plant technology for one of the world's leading listed manufacturers of gas-fired power plants, which can withstand system pressures of up to 270 bar at temperatures of up to 315 °C. A diverse range from medical technology to large-scale industry.

SNCR Anlage

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The new TEF-MAG 800

The new TEF-MAG® 800

The MARCH TEF-MAG® 800 gear pump sets new standards in the pumping of corrosive liquids with outstanding performance and leak-free operation, even with explosive media. Versatile and bridging the gap between the TEF-MAG® 200 and 1500, it has proven itself in demanding applications such as wastewater treatment, electrolysis and biodiesel production - the future of reliable pump technology.

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New homepgae section and product movie

Case Studies and TEF-MAG® movie

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the latest developments at MARCH PUMPEN.

In this newsletter we would like to highlight two recent updates:

Our new section on the homepage Case Studies. In this section you can view a selection of applications and projects that have been successfully realized with MARCH PUMPEN.

And the freshly published product video of our non-metallic gear pump TEF-MAG®, which was recently .....

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Patentierte Zahnradpumpen für hochkorrosive Flüssigkeiten
Baureihe - TEF-MAG®

Pumping corrosive liquids is a tough challenge for both machine and material. If the entire process is to be carried out without pulsation and at high delivery heads, rotating displacement pumps are usually the only choice. Pump manufacturers typically produce these only from metallic materials. So how do you move small quantities of corrosive liquids, pulsation-free against high back pressures, if a metallic pump is not an option?

MARCH PUMPEN has filled this gap in the market with specially developed and patented magnetically coupled external gear pumps made entirely of non-metallic materials.

TEF-MAG quarter section view

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We are official distributor of VERSA-MATIC

We are proud to announce that MARCH PUMPEN is an official distributor of VERSA-MATIC in Germany again. VERSA-MATIC is one of the leading manufacturers of air driven double diaphragm pumps, with headquarters and manufacturing facility in Mansfield, Ohio USA. Due to our own warehouse at our location in Giessen, Germany, we can offer short delivery times and fast customer service.


VERSA-MATIC Flap Valve Pump
  • Flap Valve Pumps for solids up to 5 cm

  • 3A Sanitary Pumps

  • FDA Compliant Pumps

  • Low Temperature Applications

  • 2:1 High Pressure Pumps

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ISO 9001:2015

We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 (Jan 2021)

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

We are proud to announce that our long-term quality management is now certified according to ISO 9001: 2015. This guarantees you high-end products based on the philosophy of continuous improvement.

We recognize that our customers are our most important asset, and that structured processes and motivated employees mean a consistently high level ...

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